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Client Portals & Secure File Sharing for Accountants

kahootz for accounting firms

File sharing is a daily occurrence for accounting professionals, with the online uploading and downloading of signed contracts, statements, and tax documents being a regular activity.

Up to a couple of years ago, accounting firms would mainly communicate with clients through face-to-face meetings, over a phone call and send documents by email. However, with security being a growing concern and priority for accounting firms nowadays, these actions are increasingly inefficient due to the lack of streamlined communication and carry risk in keeping confidential data secure – especially when it comes to a client’s personal or corporate finances.

While free online platforms are available for file sharing use, the security risk is always in question for organisations handling sensitive data. These same accounting online platforms are often limited in their features – unable to provide accounting firms with the flexibility of working on the same files as their clients in real-time, control over file access, or receiving feedback on documents.

Secure file sharing for accounting must be a top priority, and accountants can achieve this using a file-sharing cloud platform such as Kahootz that can be effectively customised to an accounting firm’s needs.

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Client Portals For Accounting

Accountants are responsible for keeping clients’ financial records secure and assisting them with keeping information up to date. Communication from clients can sometimes get overwhelming, especially when confidential files are sent over social media platforms, emails, or other public networks – this is where guiding clients and having one online space to share information securely is necessary. For example, when you manage all social media in one place, you have way more control over the entire process.


How accountants can streamline communication and practice secure file sharing for accounting


Choose a Secure File Sharing Platform

A data breach would be disastrous for any financial institution. To ensure maximum security and streamline communication with clients, it is highly recommended that accounting firms choose a secure file sharing platform to work with their clients.

In addition to being an easy-to-use online collaboration platform, Kahootz has some of the industry’s most stringent security measures in place. That’s why security-conscious organisations such as the UK government and enterprises across a range of industries trust Kahootz to securely store and manage their highly sensitive documents and information.

Just a few cloud security features that must be considered include:

  • Application security – Kahootz is safe against a range of attacks, including CSS, CSRF, SQL injection and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Password security – Take your pick from min/max length, complexity rules, prevent re-use, forced change, two-factor authentication, or even consider magic links.
  • Network security – Access is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, and our intrusion detection systems continuously monitor the network.
  • Backups & Disaster recovery – Kahootz has operational procedures to minimise interruptions and data is backed up real-time at regular intervals to physically separate servers.


    Create a Client Portal for Accounting

    Using an all-in-one platform where online portals can be created provides clients with privacy and security while supporting a firm’s accountability and trust with their clients’ data. More importantly, a client portal offers a great way to involve clients.

    Online portals are typically created for each individual client and are used to store and share documents that both parties need easy access to; however there are many more benefits of client portals for accounting.


    • Task and Project Management
      At times, accountants may work with more than one party in handling their finances, as well as, working on project deliverables. In these cases, client portals can support as many users as required to log in and access their shared space with the accountancy firm. When specific actions are required from clients, an accountant may use a client portal to organise and manage the work at hand. Audits, payrolls, and other recurring tasks can also be set up, and who views what is always in your control. Simplifying these processes for clients enables a faster turn-around where possible and transparency in terms of tracking progress. The added accessibility of using the client portal and its secure, shared documents from any device (as long as there is an internet connection) reinforces the trouble-free communication between accountants and their clients.

    • Feedback Features
      Getting feedback from clients can be difficult without a client portal that supports online feedback features. Kahootz promotes collaboration in various forms by offering accountancy firms the option to set up discussion forums, polls, surveys, blogs, and dashboards. Unlike other providers setting rigid templates, Kahootz’s flexibility allows you to build your own client portal, using only the tools you need to meet your objectives.

    • Virtual Data Rooms
      An online virtual data room (VDR) is a secure space for storing and sharing documents, traditionally used solely for financial transactions. Kahootz’s virtual data rooms enable your accounting teams to safely collaborate with clients and third parties from any location, at any time. VDRs can be set up within minutes using pre-made templates and an intuitive workspace building tool.

    • Branding
      While branding may not be the top necessity when looking for an accounting client portal, it does tend to impress clients who will be expecting the portal to fit seamlessly with your brand. A customised client portal that fits the brand looks put together and professional. Kahootz Enterprise allows your portal to be branded to match your corporate identity.


    Centralise Document Management and Communication

    Storing and managing documents in one secure space is convenient for accounting firms and clients alike. Features such as editing and commenting on documents among users simultaneously, version control, co-authoring and review/approval workflows support accountants and clients collaborating on the same files in a controlled and organised space. Kahootz’s audit log traces the history of a document from beginning to end. Having this log makes it easier for you to see the changes made throughout the document’s lifecycle.

    Kahootz also has options for personalised task lists, auto-reminders, and email notifications, so users are kept up to date with any changes on documents they have access to.


    Implement Correct Access Controls

    When sharing confidential documents, providing access to the wrong people is the last thing you want to do. Manage users and their access to sensitive information using Kahootz’s comprehensive yet easy-to-use controls. Permissions enable you to fully control what users can do with the folders and files they have access to. Multiple workspaces can be created with each their own unique access controls for both internal and external individuals. If required, access controls can also have a two-step authentication process added and an additional password for added security to support secure file sharing for accountants.



    Kahootz makes it easy to collect, manage, prepare, and share all of your firm and client documents securely by using a cloud client portal built for accountants and accounting firms. Create your own customised accounting client portal today.

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