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Cabinet Office works with Kahootz to support cross department digital transformation

In choosing Kahootz, Government Business Services (GBS) has unlocked a new channel to improve collaboration and knowledge sharing across UK government departments.

Part of Cabinet Office, the GBS Cloud Transformation Team, joins heads from multiple departments to facilitate a centre of expertise for Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) transformation programmes to modernise back-office operations and technologies.

With departments at different stages in their journey to the Cloud, the challenge faced by GBS was to support a consistent approach to migrating departmental back-office functions, such as human resources and finance, to the Cloud by encouraging cross-departmental collaboration across the entire UK Government.

As a collection of multiple departmental leads, secure collaboration is crucial to all activity. To address appropriate security needs, GBS first carried out due diligence on how Kahootz met the Government’s Cloud Security Principles and also coordinated user testing to ensure there was universal access to the cloud collaboration platform over various government networks.

Creating a best-in-class collaboration hub

Launched under the name OneGovCloud, the Service is now used as a strategic, central hub providing interaction within the civil service, secure access to collateral from other government departmental Cloud programmes and opportunities to share experiences and engage with GBS expertise.

OneGovCloud is used for:
  • Publishing blog posts, news articles and expert knowledge insights.
  • Distributing solution toolkits and templates and ensuring version control via document management.
  • Discussion forums, networking opportunities and promoting events.
  • Sharing lessons identified from Cloud ERP transformation programmes.

Additionally, the OneGovCloud network pages on Kahootz have enabled the GBS team to achieve its aims further through the running of dedicated Cloud Workshops to encourage communication and collaboration.


Screenshot of OneGovCloud built using Kahootz


Open to programme leadership teams within government departments, these Cloud Workshops focus on various aspects of Cloud ERP implementations and management. They include host department speakers who are able to share their experiences and learnings on any given topic and serve to support those who are yet to embark upon similar phases in their implementation.

Using Kahootz, the GBS Cloud Transformation team now find it easier to:
  • Communicate a clear roadmap of all workshops in the pipeline.
  • Enable programme and functional leads (including Finance and HR Directors) to successfully derive learnings to take back to their own department’s Cloud ERP implementation.
  • Access and track registrations for the Cloud Workshops.
  • Upload notes, slides and videos from sessions, to allow access for those who are unable to attend and to share meeting content with others in their department.
  • Use features within Kahootz to understand how content is performing, how users are interacting with content and how many are accessing event assets and documents across OneGovCloud.

Quick and simple to customise, deploy and manage

GBS is particularly impressed by how easy it has been for team members to configure online workspaces to support a variety of initiatives, including a workspace for departmental HR professionals who need to quickly collaborate on policies affected by COVID-19.

Users like the fact that Kahootz provides all the collaboration tools you need in one platform, and have found it easy to add and manage content, and then use the Kahootz interactive dashboard builder to sign-post important content and activities.

Sharing the right information with the right audience

Kahootz has transformed how the GBS Cloud Transformation Team can easily and quickly stimulate collaboration among government departments for all things Cloud ERP. GBS can now promote appropriate content and events, across all departments, efficiently and intuitively.

The system has enabled GBS to reach their key stakeholders and easily share a wealth of information; helping users with content to accelerate their Cloud ERP programmes. OneGovCloud continues to grow in reputation among those departments moving to the cloud, as well as those who have made the journey – bringing together subject matter experts, department directors, deputy directors and programme directors, who need to collaborate on a variety of strategic deliverables within their programmes.

Kahootz is being used to bring UK Government departments together to work towards a single strategic aim: efficiency, value for money and convergence across Cloud ERP.

GBS aims to support the cloud transformation journey of government departments by reducing costs and helping to deliver successful programmes. Putting online collaboration at the heart of an organisation can help you deliver better services, create efficiencies and improve stakeholder engagement.

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