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The Benefits of Using Kahootz for Bid and Proposal Management

Ensuring your team members have the ability to work together by collaborating online – in real time – allows them to better manage, contribute to and deliver proposal documents by the required deadline.

The Kahootz platform offers versatility and allows your organisation to create a secure custom workspace, for each bid, that works best for your processes. We recognise that organisations need to adapt and be more agile in order to react quickly to RFIs and RFPs. Kahootz is cloud collaboration software that gives you the capability to involve and enable bid team members, dispersed across both organisations and geographies, to work better together.

Provide bid team members with one single source of truth

 Kahootz becomes your team’s central hub for creating, reviewing and organising bid and proposal documents. The platform reduces time spent researching by creating a centralised, searchable knowledge base of key bid information, as well as reducing the costs associated with proposal creation and review.

Users have the assurance that they are always working on the most up-to-date information via version-controlled documents and have the ability to work on them anytime, anywhere, in one secure platform. All document changes are tracked with full audit logs and can be set up with automatic notifications, providing team members with instant awareness of new contributions and alterations.

By using a single, secure collaboration platform, information governance is greatly improved. Through access to document commenting, online forums, surveys and blogs, the bid manager has all the collaboration tools required to stimulate knowledge sharing and discussions amongst team members.

Collaborate safely across organisational boundaries

Working on complex proposals can be time-consuming and challenging when more than one organisation is required to prepare and review submission documentation; with Kahootz, you can work with supply chain partners on bid documents concurrently and securely. This not only increases team productivity and bid efficiency but also results in a faster rate of documentation production.

Kahootz makes it quick and simple to share information securely with external organisations, contractors and support staff, without providing access to your internal systems. Your organisation can maintain information integrity by applying team access controls at multiple levels, on each piece of content. You can also very easily use the platform to enable subject specialists to review and provide solutions to tender requirements and manage feedback from multiple stakeholders.

Ensure tight deadlines are known and met

By using Kahootz for your bid and proposal management, your team can track progress of tasks against deliverables and maintain a full audit trail or what happened and when. You can also keep everyone informed of project updates and improve stakeholder engagement through instant email notifications.

To highlight a particular feature of Kahootz, the shared diary functionality ensures review meetings, key milestones and project tasks are visible to all, allowing everyone to keep track of deadlines and ensure they are met. To make time limits even more apparent, workspace dashboards can be customised to include a countdown timer to the date and time when your bid documents are due to be submitted.

Use a trusted, secure, cloud collaboration service that is quick to deploy

The main benefit of using Kahootz is the fact that you have all your collaboration tools and associated data in one secure location, removing the opportunity for staff to consider using multiple, unapproved, ‘Shadow IT’ cloud services.

As our Kahootz cloud collaboration service is trusted and accredited to store and share information marked up to OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE by the Ministry of Defence in the UK, you can be confident that our platform allows your bid teams to maintain control of commercially sensitive information. Our collaboration software runs on the UK’s most trusted servers, and all data is encrypted between all our users and our servers using a secure connection, giving you assured data security wherever you’re logging in from.

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