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Four ways to use collaborative task manager tools

We’re all searching for more efficient, productive ways to manage tasks. When working individually, it can be hard enough to keep up with the abundance of emails, spreadsheets, meetings, documents and deadlines that conspire to fill up our working day as we toil towards completing a single task. But when a large group project comes into play, with multiple participants spread across different organisations and locations, effective task management becomes even more challenging.

Organisations working on this kind of project can use collaborative task manager tools to support collaboration and communication between the various parties. Such tools are increasingly popular among businesses, but how can you ensure the platform you choose suits your project?

Tools for online task collaboration are often packed full of eye-catching features, but they could actually slow your project down if there are too many functions you don’t need. Collaborative task management software available in Kahootz is designed to fit the requirements of each individual project you work on. Rather than wasting time on redundant functions, you can create a secure, transparent and collaborative online task manager that accurately reflects the goals of your project.

Here are four ways the online task manager can be used:

Add flexible task lists

Task lists enable you to create and manage tasks, as well as monitor their progress. When an individual is assigned a task, they immediately receive a notification email. Tasks are added automatically to personal and workspace dashboards, which makes it easy to see at a glance what needs to be done.

You can assign tasks to a single person or multiple workspace members. When tasks involve multiple people, you can also choose whether one person or everyone needs to complete the task before it can be marked as done.

Simplify task management

Take some of the admin work out of task management by using the repeating tasks function in Kahootz. Any recurring task (e.g. payroll or monthly reporting) can be set up to repeat – all you need to do is specify how regularly you would like it to occur.

You can also make your life easier by scheduling auto-reminders to keep projects on track, as well as adding files, associated discussions and other resources to provide context for your tasks.

Share group calendars

Display and connect tasks by using shared calendars. This way you can also link your tasks with meetings, events and regular project reviews if necessary. Kahootz calendars can integrate with Google and Outlook calendars for ease of use.

Create custom databases

It’s simple to build databases in Kahootz, which means you can support online task collaboration using simple lists or more complex tables of information. Create a new database in the tool or import existing spreadsheets and share them online – the choice is yours.

Every project is different, which means the way you need to manage tasks in order to achieve your goals will be different each time. Kahootz provides the collaborative task management software framework you need to do collaboration – your way.

For more tips on using Kahootz as an online task manager, check out the Kahootz Knowledgebase.

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