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What is Kahootz?


If it’s cloud collaboration, it’s in Kahootz!

When you create an online workspace in Kahootz, you instantly break down barriers to communication and make collaboration easy — within your organisation, with external partners, with everyone.

It’s agile and it’s cloud-based, and it brings people together to share ideas and work together, whether they need to brainstorm, negotiate deals, build teams, manage activity, innovate, refine skills or more.

If it’s collaborative it’s in Kahootz. These are some of the online workspace features that make Kahootz happen — your way.

Collaboration, your way — with Kahootz online workspaces

SecureBusiness file sharing »

Your documents are always kept safe from prying eyes thanks to secure collaboration software with advanced access control. Learn more »

ClockOnline task & project management »

When your people are in Kahootz, they can complete tasks in the agreed time frame when it suits them best — and you can see and track progress at a glance. Learn more »

DiscussionOnline team management »

Eliminate the tedious job of collating feedback from multiple sources by bringing it into the same online workspace — comment on any item of content or collaborate on documents section by section. Learn more »

TickConsultation software »

Get feedback from communities by collecting and collating views with discussion forums, quick polls and interactive questionnaires. Learn more »

FileStakeholder management software »

Assign members to teams, control their permissions to add or modify content, add essential content to workspace and personal dashboards and use User Profiles to create a real sense of community. Learn more »

SalesProject report software »

Analyse group collaboration in detail — drill deep into response and activity data, get instant results from polls and questionnaires, create charts or export the data in any format from Excel to XML. Learn more »

TeamOnline workspace »

Create workspaces for any purpose and be in Kahootz with your chosen team members — quickly and securely. Learn more »

TickCompare editions »

So what’s included in your 30-day Free Trial, when you start paying for Kahootz, or when you upgrade to our Enterprise Edition?  Learn more »

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