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Expert help for high-achieving online collaboration

One of the great benefits of Kahootz is that you can set up an account and be collaborating online within minutes — with no need to hire an IT specialist.

But if you want to maximise your investment in online collaboration, our support and consultancy services can help you achieve even more.

From site branding to configuration, we can get your use of Kahootz off to a flying start and help you promote your corporate look and feel.  And if you’d like online or on-site training sessions to help your staff get the best out of being in Kahootz, we can create the package you need.

We can also customise your user profile database to include the fields and attributes that you need for staff, partners and customers – allowing workspace members to find out the most relevant and useful information about other people you are in Kahootz with.  See our Enterprise Edition for more details.

But to get started now, choose the support or consultancy service that interests you and contact us for further details or check out our support FAQs.

Kahootz TipIf you have specific service level requirements, talk to us. We’re here to make Kahootz look and work exactly as you need it.

Help and support, how and when you need it

TickSimple Site Branding

Choose a customised sub-domain for your collaboration site and upload a site logo before customising each team’s dashboard and homepage to create the most appropriate identity and purpose.

TickAdvanced Site Branding

Opt for your own custom URL or corporate sub domain to bring Kahootz seamlessly into your online real estate.  Then ask us to apply your corporate style sheets to apply your colours, graphics, preferred layouts and menu structures to project your brand image exactly as you need it.

Tick User Training

Opt for online or (in the UK) on-site training to help your users get the best out of Kahootz.  Embed Kahootz in your working culture with best practice workshops and system audits – ensuring you use Kahootz in ways that help to achieve your business aims.

Tick Knowledgebase

We have collected all our best practice and advice, together with all the common questions that clients ask (and even some not so common questions too) to bring you the most up to date information. Not only do we give you the functionality based articles, like other help desks, we also pride ourselves in explaining why you should do something.

Knowledgebase link

Tick Help Desk

Application support is included as part of your Kahootz service, so you do not need to budget for additional costs. We take pride in the quality of our support service and short turn-around times to answer your questions.

You will be pleased to know that Kahootz emerged as best of breed in terms of reliability, support and user satisfaction in the Social and Collaboration category of the UK Business Software Industry Awards.  Julian David, Director General of Intellect UK, praised Kahootz’s strong showing at the awards, saying: “It is exciting to see a UK SME like Kahootz getting the recognition it deserves. Its innovative approach to service usability and premium customer relationship management is impressive to see and an example to all.”

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