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Three questions your IT director will ask about cloud collaboration

Cloud collaboration has the potential to transform the way people in your organisation work together, develop ideas and share resources. But perhaps that’s putting it the wrong way round – people are already working differently (communicating via social media, using multiple devices, working remotely and outside traditional office hours). Online collaboration is simply the platform that best suits the new world of work.

Your IT director already knows all this – or if they’re not quite there yet, they will be soon. However, they could still be hesitant about agreeing to roll out a new cloud collaboration tool within your organisation. Why? primarily because one of their main responsibilities is to ensure the security of your IT networks and data.  

Cloud services have faced questions about security ever since they first emerged in their early 2000s. We have to remember that the cloud, although maturing rapidly, is still in its infancy as a technology. The idea of replacing or extending on-premise infrastructure with cloud services remains a relatively new concept – particularly among IT directors who are accustomed to controlling everything through in-house servers, as they have done for years.  

The good news is that increasingly intelligent conversations about security in the cloud are now taking place. We’ve moved on from simply discussing risks to understanding that in many cases, cloud services not only match the security of on-premise technology, but surpass it. However, that doesn’t mean your IT director will agree to implement a new cloud collaboration tool without a thorough consultation. With that in mind, here’s our guide to answering three key questions you’re likely to be asked.  

Is our intellectual property safe?

IT directors and CIOs must ensure that any system they implement does not compromise your organisation’s intellectual property. Questions of this nature are bound to arise when new cloud collaboration software is being considered, but a tool like Kahootz is equipped for secure document sharing and team collaboration. Our commitment to high standards of data security is reflected in our ISO 27001 certification, which was awarded after our security procedures were tested by an internationally accredited third party. Kahootz has also been independently security tested to the satisfaction of the UK government.

Furthermore, thanks to our access controls, with Kahootz you can keep a close eye on exactly who shares data in the cloud – but more on that shortly…

What about downtime?  

Your IT director will be keen to assess the reliability of any new collaboration tool. After all, it’s their department who will face the backlash if the system suddenly goes down, important data is lost and key projects cannot be completed. With Kahootz, however, there is little foundation for such concerns.  

Our service level agreement guarantees 99.95% up-time. We house our servers in one of the UK’s most secure data centres, which means you can rely on Kahootz to provide a robust, always-available collaboration service.

Can I control who has access?

If sensitive or non-public information is going to be shared via an online collaboration tool, it’s natural to worry about who can see it – even if everyone using the software works at the same organisation. When collaborating with third parties and external partners, this can become an even greater issue.

Responsibility for managing access controls and permissions typically resides with the IT department. Thankfully, with Kahootz it’s simple to control who can access your secure collaboration workspaces. Workspace managers have the ability to set the precise access permissions for each team member, who can then assign item permissions on their own content. For complete peace of mind, there’s also a full audit log of all your workspace interactions.

If your IT director still needs convincing about the suitability of cloud collaboration after your discussion, why not give them an opportunity to experience if first-hand with a free trial of Kahootz? Our 30-day, no-obligation trial can be used to check out the reliability and security credentials of our collaboration platform, with unrestricted access to all features.

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