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The Cloud – Ideal for Innovators

Whether you are in the public or the private sector, pay-as-you-go cloud-based solutions provide an opportunity to take a fresh look at ICT procurement.  With the drive for increased cost savings and higher adoption rates in all areas of business, perhaps now is the time to reconsider your approach to deploying and paying for Enterprise ICT.  

Adoption – don’t fight the stats!

The technology adoption curve below is well understood and widely accepted. Although adoption timespans within organisations can vary, very few new technologies can be implemented with a “Big Bang” approach, especially if any degree of innovation is involved. Surely it makes sense to adapt your Enterprise ICT execution and procurement approach accordingly?

 Technology adoption curve

It is clear that to maximise ICT adoption rates organisations must first find cost effective ways to engage with their Innovators and Early Adopters. With regard to this challenge and procurement risk reduction, cloud pay-as-you-go contracts offer some significant advantages over committing to a long-term Enterprise-wide license:

  • Early end-user involvement – many cloud applications offer free trials so why not let your Innovators become part of the process and compare several systems pre-procurement? This will allow you to involve potential users earlier and aid the creation of your supplier short-list.
  • Instant deployment – in order to maximise sales and reduce barriers to adoption, cloud vendors invest in making it easy for you and your users to access their services. No more install scripts or on-site company presentations – perhaps just a simple web form and an online demo.
  • Prove and fine tune your business case – properly empowered, Innovators and Early Adopters will actually help you qualify the benefits and identify any issues (business, operational, technical, cultural etc) before rolling out your new service.  
  • Agility – new ideas can be captured and prioritised as you go. Improvements can be based on real user experiences. In today’s fast changing and competitive market can your organisation afford not to be nimble?
  • Flexibility – you may find that even though you have a preferred platform in a specific ICT area there may be times when it is just not fit-for-purpose for a new project.  In certain situations it may make sense to adopt a cloud alternative to plug any short-term gaps in capability.
  • Better cost-control – pay-as-you-go contracts ensure that you are not paying for services that you are not yet ready to use.  Even with the best intentions, implementations can take longer than you think.
  • Perfect your approach to governance – true cloud-based services can be really empowering for end-users, allowing you to develop a new approach to devolved system control. Implemented properly, this can reap significant benefits for organisations that want to liberate and maximise staff resources. 
  • Avoid costly mistakes – by avoiding large up-front capital investment your level of financial commitment should be directly proportional to where you are in the project. If you decide to change tack or even abandon the ICT project most cloud suppliers should provide short-term contracts and easy exit routes to minimise your exposure.

Benefiting from creativity

Once you have a tried and tested solution, you are ready to roll out your new cloud service to the Early Majority and beyond.  It is important to remember that innovation never stops – it is a continuous process. Agile cloud applications, such as Kahootz, can help to further increase the creativity pool by empowering staff throughout your organisation to explore new ways to collaborate.

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