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Real time twitter monitoring in Kahootz

Monitoring social media is important for a variety of reasons. You may want to see updates from a particular account or want to monitor what is being discussed at an event via a hashtag.

The good news is, real time twitter monitoring can be achieved within a Kahootz online workspace by embedding Twitter feeds.

Why is this useful to me?

Having the ability to add Twitter feeds to your online workspace is a great way to provide your stakeholders with key information about a project. This in turn helps to create debate and discussion, which then provides a base for a social collaboration enviornment where your team can thrive.

What Twitter feeds can I add to my online workspace?

There are a number of different feeds that you can add including:

  • Profiles – Updates from a Twitter profile, such as a competitor or industry influencer
  • Tweets – Share a single update from a particular Twitter user
  • Lists – Tweets from a curated group of Twitter accounts
  • Likes – A list of tweets liked by a particular account

Some examples of how you can use Twitter feeds to help you manage your project include:

  • Displaying a tweet of an article that is relevant to your project
  • Displaying a tweet with an inspiring quote or image to keep your team motivated
  • Keeping your team up to date with industry news – by displaying tweets of an influencer
  • Displaying a list of tweets around a particular topic to increase your team’s knowledge around a certain subject

How do I get started?

Our Knowledgebase contains a step by step guide to showing a Twitter feed on a dashboard.

Don’t forget to take a look at the rest of our Kahootz Knowledgebase to find out how you can use Kahootz to manage your next project.

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