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9 project management experts that you should follow on Twitter

project management expertsIf you were to do a quick search on Google or on social media, you will find many people claiming to be experts in project management.

But how can you tell the good from the bad? Who really knows their stuff and who doesn’t? To help you, we have compiled a list of 9 project management experts that you should be following on Twitter.

How do we know that they’re good? We follow them ourselves of course!

  1. Antonio Rodriguez (@ANietoRodriguez)

Antonio is one of the most sought after project management speakers in the world and was recently awarded ‘Thinker of the Month’ by the prestigious ‘Thinkers50.

As a former chairman of the Project Management Institute, he is best placed to offer advice on best practices in project management and strategy implementation.

  1. Elizabeth Harrin (@pm4girls)

Elizabeth is the owner of the award-winning blog, A Girl’s Guide to Project Management.

She is an experienced project and programme manager with over a decade of experience in healthcare and financial services.

Her blog has won numerous awards and offers lots of useful resources for project managers.

  1. Carlos Pampliega (@CJPampliega)

Carlos is currently a member of the board of directors for the Madrid/Spain Chapter of the Project Management Institute.

He has a wide range of experience as a project manager in sectors including real estate promotion, public works management, to innovation projects.

  1. Harry Hall (@harrythall)

Also known as The Project Risk Coach, Harry is a coach, speaker and blogger that helps project managers turn uncertainty into success.

His Twitter feed is full of productivity and project management tips to help you improve your performance.

project management experts

5. Lew Sauder (@LewSauder)

Lew is a renowned author within project management, with his most famous title being ‘Project Management 101: 101 Tips for Success in Project Management.’

He has been a project manager for over 15 years and regularly tweets links to his blog posts which cover a wide range of subjects within project management.

  1. Kahootz (@kahootz)

Although we’re biased, working with organisations such as the NHS and the MOD has given us great insight into how complex projects can be managed.

Also, not only do we regularly write blog posts about project management, we also like to share insights from other industry experts to ensure that we’re only providing the most useful information to our followers.

  1. Susanne Madsen (@SusanneMadsen)

Susanne Madsen is an internationally recognised project leadership coach, trainer and consultant. She is also the author of The Project Management Coaching Workbook and The Power of Project Leadership.

Her experience comes from working in the corporate sector for 17 years, leading high profile change programmes.

  1. Barry Hodge (@BarryHodge)

Barry is another author on this list, having written ‘Meetings the Smart Way – How Project Managers Can Run Successful Meetings.’

Not only that, he also specialises in establishing and growing project management in companies who have little or no framework in place.

  1. PMI (@PMInstitute)

If you haven’t heard of the Project Management Institute, I would be shocked! With 209,332 followers on LinkedIn and nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter they are the undisputed kings of project management.

Now I could explain in detail just some of the outstanding work that they do for their 2.9 million members worldwide. Luckily, they have created a video that explains this perfectly:

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