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Kahootz Editions

Kahootz Editions

Which Kahootz is for you?

Kahootz comes in three editions: Trial, Professional and Enterprise. Each one has been put together to serve a different purpose, to suit different organisations.

Trial Kahootz

A Kahootz trial is your chance to try Kahootz for yourself. For 30 days, with as many users as you like, get full access to Kahootz’s tools (minus certain customisations) absolutely free of charge. So you can see what it feels like to be in Kahootz, without committing to a contract.

  • 30 day trial
  • Unlimited users
  • Free of charge
  • No obligation

Professional Kahootz (10+ users)

Kahootz that grows with you. For startups and SMEs all the way up to companies of 250 people. Get all the core Kahootz functionality to kickstart your collaborative culture, and outsource your software requirements to us. Add new users as you need them, and scale them back when you don’t.

  • Core Kahootz functionality
  • Scalable to grow with your business
  • Pay as you go billing – no up-front costs
  • No obligation contracts – pause or renew every quarter

Enterprise Kahootz (250+ users)

Fully-featured, fully flexible Kahootz. Customisable in nearly every way, from branded PDF document templates to single sign-in, bespoke plug-in development and a license that can be adapted to fit your requirements – charge to as many different cost centres as you like, split Kahootz between as many different partner organisations and subsidiaries as you need. Enterprise Kahootz is Kahootz made your own.

  • 250+ users, with active user licensing over 1,000
  • Customised branding for integration with existing systems
  • Custom functionality development available
  • Flexible billing for even the most complicated accounting requirements

Feature Comparison

View the table below for a full feature comparison between Kahootz editions.

Kahootz Trial

For experimentation


25 users for 30 days

2 GB total storage

Unlimited workspaces

Helpdesk included

Access to all features

Kahootz Professional

For projects and instant deployment

Max £10 / user / month

Min 10 users for 3 months

0.2 GB / user total storage

Unlimited workspace

Helpdesk included

Access to all features

Kahootz Enterprise

For advance configuration and control

Max £15 / user / month

Min 250 users for 1 year

0.6 GB / user total storage

Unlimited workspace

Helpdesk included

Access to all features plus

Coporate branding

API access

Active user licensing

Advanced system admin

Deeper site configuration

Dedicated account manager

Implementation audits

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