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Post procurement delivery case study: Firelink

…Easing the post procurement process with a cloud-based Management Information System

Firelink provides the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) with communication facilities needed to mobilise resources in response to any 999 call, and to maintain communication between the control room and incident commander.

To make this happen, the Firelink team needs to communicate with a large number of internal and external stakeholders, including the project contractor chosen after the procurement process.

Firelink needed a secure and flexible way for stakeholders to share and work together online. They wanted a secure cloud system that would allow them to take contract and project documents through a formal review cycle, as well as communicate project status, milestones and other crucial information.

The Firelink team chose Kahootz as the software to power its new Management Information System (MIS) because they found it was secure, flexible, easy-to-manage and had proven itself in other government departments. They also liked the fact Kahootz was quick and easy to deploy and could help them meet tight project timescales during the delivery part of the procurement process.

Using Kahootz, Firelink’s contract management team can now share and store documents, and because automated notifications are sent to all users there is no need for time-consuming email updates. Key information shared includes user manuals, processes, monthly performance updates and commercial documents. The administration team sets system ‘rules’ to control the level of information accessed by different users and ensure that all operations are compliant with required Government Information Level security.

Importantly, the time taken to deploy the new system was exceptionally fast, taking only a couple of weeks. This process also included advice from Kahootz on developing a simple naming and classification system for the groups.

The new management information system was named FirelinkMIS and is now central to the way Firelink operates. Procedures are in place to ensure that the MIS is a key element in how the Project team manages the flow of information for the Firelink project. The Kahootz team was on hand from the start, providing support and assistance, and accommodating Firelink’s needs to customise the MIS to meet its specific requirements.

To date, Firelink has used Kahootz to deploy over 100 online communities and collaborative procurement working groups; helping to streamline project management and reporting processes and allow any number of stakeholders to work together in a secure environment.

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