Independent report into NHS England’s use of Kahootz.

In January 2015, the vanguards were struggling to find one place to work together and asked NHS England for a solution that could be implemented in an agile and cost-effective manner as existing systems did not offer our vanguards an ability to share content privately within their local vanguard teams or work collaboratively as teams on key deliverables.

Kahootz was selected to fulfill these requirements.

In this independent review of NHS England’s use of Kahootz, you will learn:

  • Why Kahootz was selected to fulfill these requirements
  • How the collaboration tool helped to drive user engagement
  • The key use cases and defining factors that have helped to increase user numbers to over 18000
  • Why the report concluded that the tool will achieve a first-year net operating benefit of £1.5m, rising to £8.9m in Year 2.

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