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We’re pleased to announce and introduce the V8.2 release from Kahootz.

There are a significant number of new features, updates to existing functions and interface improvements that will make it even easier for you to collaborate effectively. 

Read the full Kahootz V8.2 release notes.

What are the highlights?

Although all of the improvements will enhance your experience within Kahootz, we have picked out some of the key changes that we feel you will find most useful:

Improved user interface

The first thing you’ll notice once logged in is the more modern design – both on mobile and desktop. As part of this, we have restyled icons, navigation links, forms, notification emails and much more. We hope you like it!

Content tagging

Sometimes when you’re in a workspace, you want to find a certain piece of content quickly.

This is made possible by using our new tagging feature, which allows you to attach one or multiple keywords to items in a workspace. Once categorised, you can then search for different topics and items that interest you.

New rating column types for databases

Our new rating column type is great if you’re looking for quick and simple feedback on a database entry. For example, you may have created a database for your risk register and want your team to rate the likeliness of each risk occuring.

Users can also rate without editing an entry, which makes is easier to rate a number of them in a list.

The three types of rating are:

  • Star rating – lets users rate an entry from 0 to 5 stars. The result is the average across all responses
  • Vote up / down – lets users vote an entry with +1 or -1. The result is the aggregated total of all responses
  • Like – let users ‘like’ an entry. The result is the number of likes.

An average rating of the scores and how many votes have been made will then be displayed.  You can also see how each individual user has responded.

Document preview feature for MS Office, PDF and text documents

When you want to look at a document, it can be inconvenient to have to download it or open a separate application, (e.g. MS Word) first.

That’s where our new preview feature comes in. It allows you to preview documents directly in any browser without having to download it, whether you’re working from a desktop computer or mobile device.

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