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New Kahootz Feature: Notifications and subscriptions

The Kahootz team have spent the last year researching what you needed from Kahootz going forward and we are proud to announce the launch of our Version 8 Updates! This is another step towards making your working life more efficient is by introducing the new Notifications and Subscription processes to Kahootz. 

What’s different?

With this new release, you can choose what notifications you receive and send in a more granular way. Instead of the standard broadcast notifications when you create or modify an item you can now choose which of the workspace members should be notified about that change, promoting social collaboration and an effortless way to keep people in the loop. You can pick individual members, teams or all members, allowing you to target communications and involve exactly who you need. Also included is the @mentions when commenting on any item in a workspace to notify specific people. (See image.)

Sounds great, how does it work?

There are two ways this works. The first is that YOU can subscribe to receive notifications on specific pieces of content in your workspace. So, for example, if a discussion forum has a specific thread that is interesting to you, you can receive notifications every time a change or new comment has been made to that thread; rather than the entire discussion forum. 


Fantastic time saving method when trying to update yourself on what’s been going on in your workspace, but you don’t need to know about every item.

Members are automatically subscribed to an item if they are asked to review or approve it, if they post a comment about an item or if someone else posts a comment about it and mentions their name using the ‘@mention’ option in the comment box. 

For example, Tom uploads his document and needs Vicky and Harry to review and approve it. 

document review

Where do my notifications live?


Ta-da! Included in the Version 8 update is a savvy new layout with many new features. There is an all new Notifications panel at the top of the page. 

Great for users who use Kahootz every day and want to see notifications, but don’t want too many emails.

You can choose not to get emails, just to get them about items you’re subscribed to, about any changes to documents messages and questionnaires, or those changes and all your subscriptions.

By removing the stage of “sifting” through everything to get to the useful information, we have made it quicker for you to update yourself on the information that is important to you. We hope that you’ll find the Kahootz new notification and subscription channel easy to use and a big time saver. Take a look at our Knowledgebase article on Notifications and Subscriptions. As always we love to hear feedback, so please email me on [email protected]

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