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Improved user interface, security features and much more in Kahootz’s latest release

We’re pleased to announce and introduce our April 2018 (V8.3) release of Kahootz.

There are a wide range of new features and improvements that have been designed to help you get even more out of our cloud collaboration tool.

Read the full Kahootz V8.3 notes here.

What has changed?

If you don’t have time to read the full release notes, don’t worry. We have summarised the key changes below for you:

Increased security options

On top of our already stringent security measures, we have added additional functionality to help keep your Kahootz site even more secure.

This includes:

  • To further restrict access to your Kahootz site, a new setting to specify which IP addresses can access the site can now be deployed, (Kahootz Enterprise clients only.)

  • For Kahootz sites that use , you can now enable “trusted clients.” This allows a user to say that they trust a specific device, which means that on that device, they will no longer be required to go through the two-step-verification process.

  • To increase security and remove the possibility of workspace communications being accessed outside of a secure workspace, there is a new site setting to ensure that emails notifications do not contain sensitive discussion message text, comment text & attachments, (Kahootz Enterprise clients only.)

To enhance Data Protection, when a user account is deleted from a site (using the Site Owner pages or the Admin App), their personal profile information is erased from the service.

Improved user interface

Just like all of our previous Kahootz releases, we are constantly trying to improve the user interface, to make it easier for you to use.

This work has continued in version 8.3. The interface has been redesigned in a way to not only look more modern, but to also help you better promote your content in your workspace.

As part of this, the standard icons for workspace content (such as documents, surveys, databases etc) have been redesigned to be more consistent to users.

New custom icons

custom icons

Being able to customise your workspace to suit your purpose has always been a key feature of Kahootz.

clients can now take this even further, by specifying their own custom icons to use on their site.

As an example, here’s a view of a folder with custom icons for the web-pages and folders it contains. The icons that are available are from a set that is configured on a per-site basis.

Enhanced database functionality

Kahootz databases are a great way to store and organise data in a searchable format.

To take this further, it is now possible to colour code the values in select-one and select-many columns. This becomes really useful if you need to visually separate and quickly navigate data rows based on columns values such as priority, progress status and classification.

Importing data into Kahootz has also been made much easier. It now supports:

  • Imports of any size – The previous 5,000-entry limit on an import has been removed.

  • Background import – A large import will be done in the background so that you don’t need to wait for it to complete. You are then notified once the import has finished.

  • Header rows – You can specify that your import contains header rows.

  • Flexible error handling – you can specify whether or not to abort the import if a data validation error occurs.

If you would like to try out these new features for yourself, simply start a no-obligation free trial and start collaborating with your staff, partners and clients in minutes.

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