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Kahootz is more than just online file sharing

Kahootz is much more than just online file sharing. Included in Kahootz are powerful features to help you automate and monitor getting feedback or final approval from colleagues on a document.

Review and approve documents 

You can request a review with comments or approval, assigning specific users as document reviewers. 

  • A review with comments will ask the reviewers to provide feedback on the document through comments, and indicate when they’ve finished commenting.
  • A review with approval will ask the reviewers to explicitly approve or reject the document, and they can also submit comments (perhaps including why they’ve rejected, and suggesting changes to make it approvable).

Locking Documents

The ability to lock your documents whilst you are working on them means that no one else can make changes whilst you are! Just click on the Lock button and edit away. (Kahootz Direct Edit automatically locks the document for you!)

Version control

Kahootz Version Control means you don’t get multiple versions of one document in different places. One area for your different versions = no more confusion!

Activity Feed

The activity feed allows you to see who has downloaded the document and what changes have been made. It also lists the document version and review history and who has locked the document.  It’s a good way of keeping track of what people should/shouldn’t be doing.

Tasks, comments and related items

Adding tasks, comments and related items to your document allows you to link anything that’s relevant to your document and see them in one place, assign tasks with instructions for your workspace members and allow comments on a documents to hear opinions from your colleagues!

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