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Is cloud collaboration secure enough for central government?

Security and the cloud – it’s a never-ending conversation. Every week, it seems the technology press publishes a new piece of research on the subject, or we hear a data security expert proclaiming that the cloud is less – or more – secure than hosting data and applications on premise.

This debate looks set to run and run. The fact that the issue is receiving so much attention is a positive development for cloud services. Having now made the transition from emerging technology to mature delivery model, the cloud is well established as a way to both store data and use applications. For organisations, the focus is now on getting the best out of the cloud – and that includes making sure that all cloud services are as secure as possible.

It’s encouraging to see that concerns about security certainly aren’t holding back the adoption of cloud services across the public sector. Recently Bristol City Council became the latest authority to move its ICT infrastructure into the cloud after signing a £1.5 million deal with cloud services provider Eduserv. Throughout central and local government, organisations are using the G-Cloud framework to procure services that are more flexible, manageable and cost-effective than traditional IT infrastructure.

So, if you’re considering whether an online collaboration tool like Kahootz is secure enough for use across the public sector, we believe the answer is a definite yes. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Kahootz is independently tested

We know the importance of secure cloud file sharing for government organisations. Our collaboration tool has been independently tested to the satisfaction of government departments, local authorities and major businesses in the UK and US.

Kahootz has attained ISO 27001 certification and pan-government security accreditation which means our secure collaboration platform is now continuously monitored and audited by our staff and independent accredited external parties on a regular basis. You can be sure your data is always in safe hands.

2. Kahootz is used by organisations across the public sector

Our clients, including many public sector organisations, have been putting the security profile of Kahootz to the test for over ten years.

Since 2004, bodies such as the Land Registry, Health and Safety Executive and the Department for Communities and Local Government have used our tool to share key documents, manage projects and bring teams together – all in a highly secure environment.

Our online workspaces offer enhanced security through controlled access. Workspace managers are able to specify access permissions for each team member, which means only the right people, can see and interact with certain content. Furthermore, a full audit trail of all workspace activity is provided to help monitor interactions and downloads ensuring traceability and security compliance.

3. Kahootz is in the G-Cloud

Kahootz is available via the G-Cloud and we’re proud of our presence in the UK Government’s CloudStore, which verifies that our cloud collaboration tool meets government standards of security. If you’re still not convinced, why not sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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