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How to make sure your project extranet is cost effective

In the early days of the cloud, nearly every service provider could claim to offer customers a straightforward, on-demand pricing structure. The idea was that the cloud would make buying IT services as simple as paying for a utility like electricity or water – you only pay for what you use.

The landscape is a little more complex now, but it’s still possible to find a fair and flexible price for your project extranet.

For evidence of how vendors’ cloud pricing models have grown increasingly elaborate and at times confusing, look no further than the Cloud Pricing Codex report, a guide to the marketplace published by 451 Research at the end of 2013.

The report, based on a survey of 53 Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers, identified eight different classifications for the common pricing methods currently used in the market. Cloud economist and report co-author Dr Owen Rogers commented: “Cloud computing once promised simple, usage-based charging for resources, similar to other utilities such as electricity. Unfortunately, the current reality is far from this ideal.”

One of the key findings of 451’s research was that cloud providers are increasingly using different units of measurement and different pricing schemes. The growing use of pricing models that involve service bundling, billable attributes and usage metrics has muddied the water.

Whether you’re looking for project extranet software, cloud storage and backup or another cloud application, we encounter the same story – it’s difficult to know exactly what you’re getting.

Collaboration at the right price

At Kahootz, we’re committed to offering our customers a transparent, flexible pricing structure. With a collaboration need such as a project extranet, we know that flexibility is absolutely crucial to the success of most projects – you never know when you might need to add or remove users, or reconfigure your workspace for an entirely new purpose.

Our collaboration tool can be used to build a project extranet portal, but it isn’t limited to that purpose. You may choose to deploy Kahootz in another way (a business intranet, project management portal, virtual boardroom or secure deal room) as your requirements develop – and our pricing structure is designed to provide this flexibility.

We’re also committed to cost-effective collaboration. As mentioned, highly competitive costing is a promise that dates back to the earliest days of the cloud era – and it remains a key part of being in Kahootz. You could pay less than 60p per user per week.

We still price our services on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means you’ll only pay for the number of users you need at any given time. Check out our free guide 10 Killer Features to look for in a Project Extranet below for more advice on selecting the right collaboration tool.

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