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Staying Secure with Kahootz

Security is now a common cloud concern. If putting your data in the cloud means you can get at it from everywhere, then who else can? Kahootz is used by many clients with specific security awareness, such as the UK Ministry of Defence and Cabinet Office, so we know what needs to be done in order to keep your data safe. 

In Kahootz there are various levels of security.

Access secure

By default workspaces in Kahootz are invite only, meaning only people that you want given access. You also have permissions on each individual object to control who can view and edit it (rather than those being for ‘all documents’ or something more generic). Our teams feature allows you to control access in even more detail when needed. 

Site level secure 

Any information that goes between our servers and the end users browser is encrypted by the highest available HTTPS / SSL connection. We have secure password polices by default, and if you are an Enterprise customer you can even set you own password policies as well.There is also the option for Two-Factor Authentication for even more security if required. 

Although out systems run a large number of sites for a wide variety of clients, Kahootz offers client site separation as standard, so your users are truly yours. Nobody else’s workspaces will appear on your site just because some of your users are associated with other Kahootz clients too. 

Data secure

Our data centres are government approved and electronically and physically secure. On top of that from a legal point of view, we are a UK owned and based company, with UK data residency.

Kahootz secure

Every member of the Kahootz team has to be staff vetted in accordance to BS7858, which is a standardised check going beyond criminal records into financial and residency records too. The company are also accredited to IS27001; this defines a set of procedures and means we are systematically careful about what we do and who can see information. For example, as the Knowledgebase Manager I don’t get access to any client’s data as I don’t need to, but I still get vetted as I am in the same building. 

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