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How Kahootz solves these 3 challenges of working in a team

Anyone who has ever worked on a project will know the importance of teamwork to its successful completion. The good news is, employers are also beginning see the benefits, with 75% of them rating teamwork and collaboration as “very important”.

But what are the challenges of working in a team? How can these challenges be solved? In this blog post, we’ll reveal the reasons why Kahootz can make collaboration easier between you and your team members.

Remembering to share information

When you’re busy trying to finish the different tasks that you’re working on, it is easy to be lost in your own world and forget to share key information with your team. You may also be worried about interrupting their workflow by sending them an email, especially when important deadlines are looming.


A Kahootz online workspace allows you to edit documents together as a team in real time, so you don’t have to worry about interrupting anyone to get your point across. With the use of comments, you’re able to give immediate feedback to any changes made which means an end to long trails of emails and multiple different versions of Word documents.

How Kahootz solves these 3 challenges of working in a team

Lack of engagement with the project

Engaging team members with a project is a constant battle that lots of project managers have to face. Getting them onside will not only empower them in their role, but will also encourage them to be more productive.


Kahootz facilitates employee engagement in a number of different ways. The ability to create discussion forums and online surveys allow your team members to give feedback on what parts of a project are working well and what’s not.

By listening to their suggestions, (and hopefully implementing them,) they will feel that they are a key part of what you’re trying to achieve.

Working with remote based employees

With a survey saying that 67% of telecommuters saw the overall quality of their work improve by working remotely, it is clear why more and more organisations are choosing to allow employees to work remotely.

However, for colleagues who are office based, it can be a challenge building productive working relationships with remote workers. In one study, it was found that the absence of visual cues makes it more difficult to collaborate and workplace decisions take longer and are harder to make.


Kahootz can help bridge the gap between your remote and office based team members and play a key role in your digital workplace strategy.

In an online workspace, you can upload documents and picture albums or create items such as surveys and databases to help provide visual cues to aid collaboration with your remote team members. This leads to faster decision making, which means they will be able to access the same important information as office based team members and have the ability to give their feedback in real time.  


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