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G-Cloud 11 brings big changes for Kahootz

Being a G-Cloud supplier every year since its launch in 2012, Kahootz is continuing to evolve and provide more innovative ways for you and your stakeholders to work together.

This year is no different. To co-inside with the launch of the 2019 iteration, our pricing structure has been revamped, making it even easier and affordable for your team members and external partners to collaborate.

Also, we have added new functionality, which allows dynamic, eye-catching dashboards to be built so you can further engage users with your content.

Flexible pricing options

kahootz pricing

There’s nothing more frustrating than being forced to buy large bundles of user licenses you’re never going to use.

We believe this goes against the G-Cloud’s aim to make government procurement simpler and better value for money.

Kahootz has always been upfront about its pricing. That’s why we provide an online calculator so you can work out your costs in advance.

In G-Cloud 11, we have taken this further by:

  • Introducing Kahootz Starter – This brand new pricing tier is designed to give smaller project teams, (5-25 users) a quick and affordable way to work securely across organisations.
  • We’ve reduced the entry point to our premier offering, Kahootz Enterprise, from 250 users to only 50 users. This is to provide new and existing G-Cloud clients with a cost-effective way to access advanced configuration and customisation features if required.

Build eye-catching dashboards

online workspace

Most collaboration tools are rigid in structure and allow little to no customisation of their interface.

Kahootz is different. It’s always been possible to adapt the platform for a wide range of business use cases.

But now, the product has evolved even further, with the addition of an interactive dashboard builder. This is allowing new and existing G-Cloud clients to quickly build dynamic, eye-catching page layouts by dragging and dropping items into multiple column formats.

The builder is already receiving positive feedback from our existing users:

“Thank you for the informative webinar I attended yesterday. I have already had a play with my dashboard, which I previously never used, and I now have slick and professional easy access to my various meeting folders. Excellent.”

Fiona Poulter, Executive Business Manager,

NHS Guildford and Waverley Clinical Commissioning Group

To ensure dashboards fit seamlessly into your corporate or partnership brand, with Kahootz Enterprise, you can specify the pallet of colours users have access too when inserting new dashboard items.

Also, Enterprise clients can enable users to access, within Kahootz dashboards, corporate and project performance data through recently released integrations with business intelligence platforms such as Microsoft’s Power BI and Tableau reports.

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