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We know in these times of uncertainty how important staying connected is. With the increase in teams working from home and needing to collaborate online, we are doing our part to help make this process as stress-free as possible by offering FREE* use of our service for 3 months.

Use Kahootz Free for 3 Months

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Why use Kahootz?

We want to help you establish new ways of team working between your staff, suppliers, business partners and clients as the coronavirus pandemic starts to restrict business travel and face-to-face meetings. It’s a difficult time for many, so allow us to provide some assistance in the short-term to support the transition to home-working.

  • Collaborate across organisations anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Used and trusted by the Ministry of Defence, Cabinet Office and the NHS
  • Work securely over the internet
  • No special IT skills or training required

A key system for public sector organisations, enterprises, and not-for-profits:

Everything you need to get started

This offer includes:

  • Access for up to 100 users.
  • 100GB storage.
  • Unlimited workspaces.
  • Access to our online support team and product knowledgebase to help get you started.

Kahootz can be used for business continuity while your staff and stakeholders have been advised to self-isolate. With face-to-face meetings no longer a possibility, our software allows your staff to collaborate with team members dispersed across organisations, geographies and time zones. Kahootz provides access to features that allows you to continue functioning, as much as is possible.

*Conditions of offer:

  • Not for personal use, solely for business use.
  • If you would like to continue using Kahootz after the 3 months offer, you will be subject to our normal commercial terms. Use our price calculator to find out the cost for continued use of our collaboration service.

Price Calculator

Kahootz believes in total price transparency, enabling you to confidentally plan the cost of any future expansion. Order the users you need, as you need them.

* minimum 3 month license term

To all NHS staff:

NHS logoKahootz is already supporting the NHS to collaboration on, deal, plan and fight COVID-19. If you work for an NHS organisation you do not need to request your own Kahootz site, please register on NHS England’s existing FutureNHS site (powered by Kahootz) and use their support services to set you up with the collaborative workspaces you need.

Our features

Data security

Security accredited by the UK’s Ministry of Defence and independently audited for peace of mind.

Eye-catching dashboards

Easy to use, drag and drop dashboard builder - no training or consultancy required.

Stringent access controls

Controlled user access at site, workspace, folder, and content levels.

Discussion forums

Keep all communications in one place, instead of multiple email trails.

Easy file sharing

Upload files of up to 20GB and track who has viewed, edited of downloaded content.

Task management

Keep everyone on track through personal and shared task lists.

Multiple business uses

Easy to configure for project management, client portals, procurement and much more.

Customisable databases

Allow multiple users to capture, edit and report on data in one place.


Get instant feedback from your stakeholders and report on the data.

Start using Kahootz for 3 months

Join hundreds of thousands of people across public sector organisations, enterprises and not-for-profits
who are using Kahootz to collaborate anytime, anywhere. No upfront commitment required.