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New Kahootz Feature: Direct Editing in the Cloud

Today we are happy to announce the latest version of our Kahootz software and with it the first in a new line of blogs explaining what’s new in these updates. From Direct Editing to Calculated Columns, we will look at a variety of new features on a monthly basis.

The first big new feature we’re covering is Direct Edit in Office:

Instead of the usual web workflow of downloading a document to your computer, editing it and then uploading it back into the workspace, Kahootz now provides an Edit in Office button on a document’s page, which directly opens the document for you to edit in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint as appropriate. The document is automatically locked, to avoid anyone else changing it while you are editing. When you save any changes in Office, these are saved directly back to Kahootz rather than to your local disc, automatically creating a new version of the document. Closing your Office application unlocks your document. Simple!

Direct Editing in the Cloud with Kahootz

What does it mean for users?

This makes editing documents stored in Kahootz as easy as editing those on your own computer. Just open, type and save. With the added benefits of Kahootz version control, sharing and security, this means it’s easy and better to work in the cloud.


Direct Edit in Office is fantastic for regularly updated documents, such as reviewing and contributing to draft press releases or articles, updating and revising legal documents and contracts or writing service specifications and policy documents. Using Direct Edit increases the efficiency and organization around working on documents collaboratively.

The great thing about Kahootz is that you can use it and shape it for what you need – you make Kahootz fit the way you work, not the other way around. With Direct Edit, you remove the need for complicated file sync – just edit the document directly from your workspace, and hit save as and when you need to.

So, why not give Direct Edit a try in your Kahootz workspace? If you don’t already use Kahootz you can set up a free trial.

You can find more details about Direct Edit in our Knowlegebase.

We hope you enjoyed the first edition to the new series of blogs. Our next blog will be looking at Calculated Columns in Databases.

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