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Digital by Default – did your public sector organisation #giveitago ?

The new Digital by Default agenda in the public sector has unleashed a tidal wave of experimentation.

Because public sector organisations are being encouraged to move to Cloud software – rather than relying exclusively on expensive, clunky, on premise systems – many are trying out these solutions for a wide range of purposes.

Online collaboration, File sharing, Anti Spam, Content Management, Enterprise Resource Management. These are just some of the Cloud-based applications that are being put to work.

At Kahootz, we’re keen to share best practice from public sector digital transformation programmes — and we need your help to do it.

We’d love you to share examples of how you’re putting Cloud software to work. Where are you sourcing it from? What are you using it for? How is it helping you to innovate?

We’d also like to provide the best forum for you to share this information with colleagues across the sector. So please tell us how we can help. For example, would you like to share information:

  • In response to blog posts like this?
  • Via an online discussion forum?
  • In a collaborative, online workspace?
  • Via an email group?
  • In some other way.

Help us to help you and colleagues learn from each other’s innovation. Please use the comments to tell us how you and colleagues #giveitago – and how you’d best like to share this information.

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