Supplier Data Rooms

Supplier Data Rooms

Exchange confidential information with suppliers and co-commissioners

Kahootz secure collaborative workspaces enable your procurement teams to safely collaborate with contractors, specialists and legal counsel, wherever they are located.

Invite prospective suppliers into dedicated secure deal rooms

Using pre-defined workspace templates, you can create a secure deal room for dialogue with a specific supplier or consortium in seconds. Kahootz also preserves both confidentiality and accountability, with separation of view and edit rights and a full audit history of submissions and downloads.

Workspace template screenshot

Keep all your prospective bidders informed, equitably

Taking care of large numbers of interested parties throughout a procurement project can be challenging. Kahootz ensures open and fair dealing though simultaneous notifications and shared access to tender documents, submission timetables, project announcements and searchable FAQ lists.

Enable governance teams and co-commissioners to collaborate

Kahootz project workspaces enable procurement, legal and technical teams from partner organisations to work better together. Our document collaboration and stakeholder consultation tools help you develop requirements, while shared diaries, action lists and risk registers keep your teams on track.

Risk Register screenshot

Stay connected with your suppliers for agile project delivery

Once you’ve agreed the deal, Kahootz project and team collaboration workspaces allow you to continue sharing information with your suppliers as they develop, deliver and operate their service. Custom online forms help staff to capture and report on lessons learned, issues and performance metrics.

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