Check out what’s new in Kahootz!

We’re pleased to announce and introduce the V8.2 release from Kahootz. There are a significant number of new features, updates to existing functions and interface improvements that will make it...

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Rich text editing in Kahootz

Rich text editing enhances how you communicate information by giving you the ability to alter text properties such as font, font-size, colour, bold and italics etc. It is also makes it possible to include...

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Customising your Kahootz user dashboard

It's easy for you to customise your Kahootz User Dashboard and personalise it to your needs. Dashboards are a fantastic feature that make it easy for you to see useful information from across...

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Staying Secure with Kahootz

Security is now a common cloud concern. If putting your data in the cloud means you can get at it from everywhere, then who else can? Kahootz is used by many...

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