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5 tips – how to improve client revenues

How online collaboration makes your marketing agency more efficient

So far in this series of blog posts, you’ve seen how adopting online collaboration is a fast, cost-efficient way to improve both client retention and the quality of your client service.

There are two other significant benefits as well. First, online collaboration helps you grow your business. We’ll be looking more closely at how to do this in the next post.

Second, it makes your marketing agency more efficient, allowing you to handle more projects or service more clients using fewer resources than before.

This post is going to show you ways of doing this and, as you’ll see, the results will begin to come in thick and fast once collaboration becomes ingrained in the way your agency works.

1. Cutting marketing agency costs and overheads

Online collaboration software brings your employees together in a shared space, wherever they are based.

Home and remote working not only becomes simpler but — importantly — it becomes more accountable. Staff have all the tools they need to collaborate on client projects and share information internally, but (if you choose the right collaboration system) the work they do also creates an audit trail, giving you evidence and reassurance that all staff are adopting and using online collaboration correctly.

By making home and remote working more accountable in this way, online collaboration can give you the confidence to let more staff to work away from the office, allowing you to deliver savings by cutting the number of workstations you need at your premises, and even allowing you to adopt smaller and less expensive premises (or smaller premises in a more prestigious location for your agency).

2. Reducing the need for admin support

Every client project needs admin support, but much of that work becomes unnecessary when you adopt online collaboration. For example, online collaboration tools mean no member of staff now needs to co-ordinate team members’ diaries, compile multiple feedback into single documents, email team members to chase or share details of project progress, check that deadlines are on target — and more.

By freeing up admin time in this way, you can deploy staff on project work instead, increasing your productivity on behalf of your clients.

3. Internal communications

Some online collaboration suites seem almost to be purpose built for internal use by marketing agencies. If you choose software that allows you to create many different teams of people, and to assign them different access and editing privileges, you can get staff working together in any configuration you need.

To give just three examples of how collaboration can transform your internal communications:

•    Create an agency intranet. Not a neglected bulletin board of an intranet, but a powerful two-way forum for internal communications. Doing this keeps team communication open, improves morale and allows you to keep closer tabs on progress across the whole agency.
•    Simplify HR. Secure online workspaces for each staff member and a collaborative area for HR matters simplify your human resources work and give you an effective and secure way of sharing appraisal documents, performance data and other material with the right people.

Power your internal projects. Online collaboration inspires innovation. From organising an office party to revamping your own marketing strategy, you’ll have the tools you need to bring the right people together. You may already have ideas about how you want to use them!

4. Quicker project turnaround and billing

Online collaboration speeds up the project process and reduces ‘dead time’ between actions. That means you can make the journey from initial concept to delivery much quicker — working more efficiently and invoicing faster.

5. Quicker project turnaround and billing

When you start turning project round faster, you can bill quicker — improving your cash flow and your annual profitability. And as your agency grows, so does the cumulative benefit of efficient project management and quick billing — freeing you up to grow your business still further.

In the next post, we’ll be looking at ways of using online collaboration to help you grow in this way, but you can learn more now if you prefer. Simply download your free copy of our guide for marketing agencies, How to turbocharge your marketing agency’s performance and be sure to drop us a line if you have any questions.

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