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3 ways Kahootz can fit into your digital workplace strategy

With one study suggesting that 67% of organisations saw an increase in productivity from the implementation of a digital workplace, it is now essential that you give your employees the opportunity to become more agile and productive by providing a digital environment for them to prosper.

In this week’s blog post, we discuss 3 ways in which Kahootz can play a key role in your digital workplace strategy.

Increases employee collaboration

Encouraging employee engagement is critical to achieving success in the digital workplace. This is confirmed by the fact that organisations that have strong online social networks are 7% more productive than those without.

With Kahootz, you can set up online web communities where staff from all areas of your business can share knowledge and best practices as well as collaborate on documents and projects. This type of open collaboration means that your employees can feel that their opinion is encouraged and can create better communication between departments.

Encourages agile working

The days when the workplace was a physical office occupied during regular set hours are becoming a distant memory, with agile working expected to be the primary method of working for 70% of organisations by 2020.

By allowing collaboration in the cloud, Kahootz gives your staff the opportunity to work at any time, in any location, on any device. All they need is a web browser and an internet connection! 

Not only does this allow more flexibility for your employees, but it can also help you to attract top talent to your business, with one survey suggesting that 64% of employees would opt for a lower paying job if they could work away from the office.

Creates a self-help culture

Sometimes, when you send a question to a support team, you’re not sure how satisfactory the response will be and how long it will take to receive it.

Kahootz has a different approach. Alongside our excellent support team, we maintain an ever growing knowledgebase, that can allow your team members to find out the answer to their query in seconds. This frees them to get on with their job and be productive, rather than being held up waiting for an answer.

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