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Getting in to Kahootz with your stakeholders

Communities become stronger when members find it easy to collaborate.

No matter who your stakeholders are, collaboration quickly pays dividends when they’re in Kahootz.

From teams of innovators to single interest discussion groups, professional development forums to community outreach, you can quickly deploy Kahootz so that all your stakeholders can share information and views.

Whatever special interest web communities you need to create, you can do it in a few clicks and have people joining your secure workspace in minutes.

Here’s just some of the functionality that makes being in Kahootz so productive.

Kahootz TipIf you use Kahootz for any other purpose – such as your intranet, a partner portal, or for project management – you can quickly create a special interest web community too. That’s the beauty of Kahootz – once you join, you use it your way.

Stakeholder collaboration — your way

TickInstant online communities

As soon as the need for a special interest community arises, you can create one quickly and have stakeholders communicating and sharing topical information with each other almost immediately. Update emails mean members can re-engage instantly when new material is posted.

TickImmediate views

Use quick polls and surveys to seek consensus and get an instant view of your stakeholders’ opinions — and use auto-generated graphs and reporting to improve your understanding of their concerns.

TickWiden audiences

With special interest web communities, you can invite a wide cross section of people — and give fellow Kahootzers permission to invite others. It means you can easily collaborate with a broad audience — not just the usual names and faces.

TickHelp the environment

Sourcing information from special interest communities can be bad for the environment — but Kahootz can cut travel, postage and printing significantly, helping to preserve the environment.

TickSupport is on hand

The Kahootz Knowledgebase allows users to search for answers and ideas themselves, promoting a do-it-yourself attitude. There’s no need to worry about users not understanding Kahootz, we pride ourselves on being easy to use.

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