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Tender Management Software


Collaborative procurement made simple, transparent and fair

If your business or organisation regularly needs to procure products and services, Kahootz can help you cut your costs and streamline the process— while making it faster and fairer for applicants.

When you put a requirement out to tender, it only takes a few clicks to create a secure workspace in which you can place all relevant documentation, from your request for proposal (RFP) to your pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ), invitation to tender (ITT) and all supporting documents.

Once uploaded, you can invite suppliers to join your workspace, access all documents and post any queries they may have — and immediately share the answers with all other suppliers, cutting down on expensive admin time.

Using Kahootz as tender management software is quick, easy and cost-effective. These are some of the principal benefits.

Kahootz Tip You can also use Kahootz for colleagues to collaborate on tender documents and supporting information before issuing them via the formal procurement process.

More than just tender management software

TickCut admin costs

When you set up a tender management workspace, all documents are available to all the invited suppliers. When a document is added or altered, all suppliers are emailed automatically — meaning you don’t have to manually notify them of changes.

TickComplete transparency

Every supplier question is shared with every other potential tenderer — and so are your answers. Complete transparency is automatic because all workspace members are alerted to changes and new information. There’s also a full audit trail of all workspace activity.

TickReduced admin costs & time

Because all queries and updates are dealt with in the secure workspace, you’ll cut down on time spent dealing with supplier queries — both by phone and by email. Last-minute couriers become unnecessary.

TickEnvironmentally friendly

The procurement process can generate a lot of paperwork — and that’s bad for the environment. When the tender process is handled within Kahootz, there’s no need to print and circulate paper copies of official documents or supporting information.

How to increase collaboration & efficiency in public sector procurement

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