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Secure Deal Rooms


Reach a deal in a dedicated virtual data room

Whether you are trying to negotiate a buyout, merger or any business agreement, it’s essential that you share sensitive data securely.

With large amounts of money, not to mention livelihoods and the well-being of your business hanging on the outcome of some deals, it’s unwise to trust delivery of confidential documents by email.

Instead, use Kahootz as a secure deal room that gives you full details on who has accessed or modified documents (and when), giving you transparency and trust between all negotiating parties.
And with full control over workspace permissions, you can control exactly who can see or change which files — ensuring negotiations are clear and watertight.

With a Kahootz virtual data room, you’ll get the deal done quicker too — while keeping your business information safe and secure all along the way.

Kahootz TipCreate a secure workspace for internal collaboration relating to your business deals. It’ll help you refine your propositions before sharing them with business partners in your secure deal room

Secure business negotiation in Kahootz

TickSafe and secure

Control exactly who can see or modify any document. No need to use insecure email or deal with firewall problems.

TickCut costs

Online collaboration in the secure deal room cuts down on meeting time, paperwork and duplication of effort — everyone accesses the same versions of the documents in the same place. All committee work can take place within the secure workspace, giving complete transparency and speeding up responses.

TickIncrease Trust

Better security and a full audit trail means greater trust — which can make all the difference between the success and failure of a deal.

TickProfessional Image

We can help you brand your workspace to match your corporate style, making a strong impression of professionalism and innovation on your business partners.

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