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Project Extranet Software


Agile workspaces for dispersed team collaboration

Kahootz is in a class of its own when you put it to work as a project extranet. It gives you the flexibility and functionality you need to share data, manage project milestones, communicate with team members  and adapt workspaces for almost any kind of third-party project collaboration.

Used for over a decade by the architecture, construction and engineering industries, project extranets are now being enthusiastically adopted by a whole range of industries.

Whether you work in the legal, public sector, marketing, accountancy or any other industry, Kahootz hands you all the benefits of a fully-fledged project extranet — and much more besides.

Tick‘Always on’ third party collaboration

Kahootz is a cloud solution that can be accessed from any web-enabled device — so you can collaborate on projects with any person or any organisation, 24/7.

TickFrustration free working

Say goodbye to common project frustrations with secure workspaces that keep all your shared documents in one place. No more problems with firewalls, FTP or conflicting versions of files.

TickCentralised Documentation

Say goodbye to multiple versions of documents flying over email — Kahootz allows you to collaborate on the same documents in a secure space in the G-Cloud and maintain centralised and authoritative resources.

TickEasy to configure

Simply plug-and-play by selecting a template designed for common types of project extranet collaboration, or customise a workspace with the exact functionality you need.

TickWide choice of collaboration tools

Secure file sharing, co-authored documents, calendars, task lists, polls, questionnaires, databases and much more — bring the full power of Kahootz to your project extranet.

TickSecure, private working

Robust security with a guarantee of 99.95% up-time  gives you safe, dependable workspaces. Flexible access privileges ensure individuals can only access the information you want them to when they’re in Kahootz.

TickTransparent, accountable, trusted

A full version history and audit trail ensures that all project extranet file versions are retained, and you have a detailed log of who has accessed or changed data — and when.

10 killer features to look for in project extranet software

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