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Partner Portal Software


Simple, effective partner collaboration brought online

Online partnerships work better when you’re in Kahootz.

Whether you need to collaborate with a distributor, service provider, franchisee or other partner, Kahootz allows you to share critical information within a secure, easy-to-use workspace.

From co-operation between sales and marketing teams to sharing legal documents and financial information, Kahootz makes partnership collaboration simple, safe and cost-effective.

And because there’s a full audit trail of every document, action, download and comment, both you and your partner organisation enjoy transparent communication — and always know exactly where you stand.

These are just some of the ways Kahootz makes the ideal partner portal for collaborating organisations of all sizes.

Kahootz TipYou can create a single Kahootz workspace for your partner portal and then create separate teams within it for different departments such as marketing or sales – making collaboration between all areas of partner organisations simple and manageable.

Partner collaboration made easy

TickFlexible partnership working

Whether you and your partner organisation need to collaborate on sales, marketing, financial or any other operational area, Kahootz works for you. You can share, add to and comment on documents, spreadsheets, presentations and any other file type within chosen teams.

TickClear communications

Every document you or your partners share, modify or comment on is recorded in a full audit trail — all information is stored centrally, so you have a permanent record of what has been said and agreed.


Because you only share documents within a secure workspace, you don’t have to trust sensitive or confidential files to email — where they are at risk from snoopers.

TickIdeas for partner working

Share information about events, joint opportunities, white papers, images, business analysis, legal contracts, technical knowledge, meetings, pricing, invoices and more — and automatically retain a record of all discussions. The possibilities are endless!

TickSupport at the tip of your fingers

With the help of the Kahootz Knowledgebase partner collaboration becomes more efficient. Users can answer their own questions using the how-to guides and descriptions of functionality and best practice available to hand.

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