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Online Project Management


Helping team members collaborate,
whatever their location

Successful project management needs clear, effective communication — and the ability to get the right people together, to do the right tasks at the right times.

It’s hard enough when busy team members share the same office. When they’re based in different locations or even across timezones, it can become a logistical nightmare. But when you use Kahootz as your online project management software, problems of distance, cost and communication begin to melt away. These are some of the ways you can make it happen.

Kahootz TipKahootz not only lets you collaborate on files online, but you can upload new versions of any file for comment and discussion — while retaining copies of all earlier drafts.

Powerful cloud project management

TickCollaborate from any location

Bring project team members together from any location in the world — all they need is a web browser and an internet connection. Save time, cut meeting and travel costs and work across borders and time zones.

TickProgress Management

Assign, track and review tasks for project staff, keeping you fully on top of deliverables and progress. Shared group calendars and task lists keep members on track and you can also create teams to work on individual project workstreams

TickCentralised Documentation

Say goodbye to multiple versions of documents flying over email — Kahootz allows you to collaborate on the same documents in a secure space in the G-Cloud and maintain centralised and authoritative resources.

TickInstant Notifications

Every member of your project group can be emailed when content is added, modified or commented on — keeping them fully up to date and stimulating participation. Emails can be sent instantly or daily, depending on group and individual needs.

TickLow Risk – High Return

Kahootz is incredibly cost-effective — you could be paying less than 60p per user per week. It’s a low risk cost that can generate high returns from truly global collaboration.


Kahootz cloud collaboration is secure — it uses SSL technology to protect every last item of your data while it is in transit, and our dedicated servers are housed in secure data centres.

TickKahootz Knowledgebase

With the help of the Kahootz Knowledgebase, site owners no longer need to be the first port of call for all user needs. How-to-guides and descriptions of functionality and best practice allow members to take on a do-it-yourself attitude and answer their own questions.

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