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Online Conference Room


Online conference rooms that bring
decision makers together

One of the biggest challenges large organisations face is finding ways for decision makers to collaborate day-to-day.

Conference calls and video conferencing are a partial solution. They can bring board or committee members together, but they can’t bring them into the same time zone — meaning some will be taking part at night or other inconvenient times. Nor do they make the job of collaborating between sessions any easier.

Kahootz solves these problems by allowing you to create an online meeting workspace or virtual board room as and when you need one.

These allow board and committee members to share information at times that suit them, as well as agree goals, delegate actions, comment on drafts and more — while reducing expensive travel costs and minimising your carbon footprint.

So if your organisation needs to get decision makers working more closely together, make sure you’ve got them in Kahootz.

Kahootz TipEvery version of every document you add or amend in a Kahootz online conference room is retained – giving you a full audit trail of files, updates, comments and other information.

Committees and board members in Kahootz

TickCollaborate between meetings

Board members can securely share and collaborate on discussion papers, policies and reports between meetings and conference calls, doing away with messy email attachments.

TickIncrease transparency

All committee work can take place within the secure workspace, speeding up responses by giving complete transparency on actions and deliverables.

TickEasy delegation

Committee members can create teams of colleagues, provide them with the information they need and actions to them — while keeping the rest of the committee information secure and accessible only to decision makers.

TickInstant views

Committee members can get instant views and feedback using Quick Polls or questionnaires — and share the results. And because all committee members are notified when a poll or survey goes live, responses are fast.

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