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Business Intranets


Cloud intranets that foster co-operation and innovation

When you move your corporate intranet to Kahootz’s cloud platform, you’re putting a powerful tool for innovation into the hands of every employee.

You not only cut costs by moving your intranet off expensive, in-house servers, but every member of your organisation can access it — securely — from any web browser, anywhere in the world. And because Kahootz intranets inspire people to work together, you can quickly see your intranet evolve from a company noticeboard to become a space in which employees instinctively innovate through collaboration. When that happens, your intranet will transform to a place where great business ideas are created. Read on to learn how you can put your Kahootz corporate intranet to work.

Kahootz TipUsing Kahootz transforms your intranet from a file repository to a secure collaborative workspace — and with shared calendars, document commenting and group forums, it sparks ideas and keeps them in a context that’s useful for your business.

Corporate intranets – where ideas are born

TickBring every employee together

Using Kahootz as a cloud intranet makes it easy to bring all employees together. Whether they’re in the office, at another company location, working from home or on the move, they can access your intranet via any web browser. Secure access controls and data transmission protection keeps your data safe at all times.

TickCollaborate and innovate

Users can be allowed to create their own resources within your intranet, giving them the tools to work together and innovate. Empowered staff can use custom databases to create internal systems for car sharing, accident reporting, inventory management and much more.

TickKeep your intranet relevant

Old-style intranets were frequently neglected and rarely updated. But when new information or discussion is added to Kahootz, everyone gets an email notification or digest, encouraging them to respond and get involved — keeping your intranet fresh, relevant and productive.

TickCross-departmental collaboration

Kahootz’s user-profile search gives employees the power to discover colleagues with the right knowledge and skills for organisation-wide collaboration — helping you to make the most of the specialist expertise within your organisation.

TickKahootz Knowledgebase

The transition is made easy with the Kahootz Knowledgebase available at the click of a mouse; allowing users to search for answers and ideas themselves, promoting a do-it-yourself attitude.

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