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Collaboration benefits when you’re in Kahootz

When you’re in Kahootz, you collaborate your way — quickly, easily, efficiently.

You begin by deciding how you want to work together with others. Then you choose the functionality you need to make that collaboration work.

It’s simple to do. Create a workspace, start the groups and teams you need — then create working environments that allow you to achieve your aims. Do it by creating folders and choosing the right tools from the available: calendars, task lists, picture albums, structured documents that allow section-by-section collaboration, blogs, web pages, databases, forums, questionnaires and more.

And once you’ve chosen the functions you need in any given group, your members will have all the tools they require — leaving you free to collaborate without distraction.

But what are the common ways our clients get in Kahootz, and what collaboration benefits do they enjoy? To inspire you, here are some of the ways you can put Kahootz to work.

9 quick ways you can get in Kahootz

1.  Project Extranets »

Enjoy the flexibility and functionality you need to share data, manage project milestones, communicate with team members  and adapt workspaces for almost any kind of third-party project collaboration. Learn more »

2. Online Project Management »

Bring project management into the cloud and get project teams working together — from anywhere in the world.  Learn more »

3. Business Intranets »

Turn your business intranet into a cloud collaboration intranet — and put the tools for innovation into the hands of your employees.  Learn more »

4. Online Conference Room »

Bring decision makers together and make collaboration simple with online conference rooms and virtual board rooms.  Learn more »

5. Tender Management Software »

Make procurement transparent, understandable and cost-effective by using Kahootz as your tender management software.  Learn more »

6. Partner Portal Software »

Partner collaboration online becomes simple and gets results with a Kahootz partner portal. Set one up in minutes. Learn more »

7. Secure Deal Rooms »

When you need a secure online space for business deals, get in Kahootz with virtual data rooms — secure deal rooms that help you transact business.  Learn more »

8. Web Community Software »

From innovation groups to pilot project teams, when you need to set up a special interest community, Kahootz makes stakeholder collaboration enjoyable and effective.  Learn more »

9. Client Portal »

Give your clients something extra — a client extranet in Kahootz. It’ll help cut your costs and make project management transparent, professional and fast.  Learn more »

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