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Professional Services Collaboration


Get the best from your consultants

Working in the professional services sector, you know that your greatest business asset is your consultants’ combined experience and knowledge.

The only problem is finding ways of sharing that knowledge and using it in a way that’s smartest for your business.

Kahootz helps you do just that by bringing your consultants together in a collaborative, secure workspace.

You can create groups across disciplines and bring a huge variety of expertise together for almost any purpose. You can also collaborate effectively with your temporary workforce — independent experts hired for specific tasks — giving you an effective and economical way of working.

Best of all, if your professional services organisation is a large one, Kahootz’s searchable profiles make it simple to find individuals with the skills and experience needed for any given project.

Kahootz Tip
Consultants and their knowledge are your greatest asset — Kahootz allows you to bring that knowledge together and give consultants a space in which to innovate.

Collaboration that gives your professional services the edge

TickCentralise communication

Bring consultants together in a single secure workspace, and then allow them to collaborate in focused groups. In a stroke you will transform a highly mobile workforce into online collaborators with strong business motives to get into Kahootz.

TickManage multiple projects

No matter how many projects consultants are working on, you can bring them into Kahootz — allowing them to collaborate with others and deliver better results to your clients.

TickSource the right expertise

If you have your permanent and temporary consultants in Kahootz, you can use the powerful profile search to identify individuals with the right talent and expertise for any given project.

TickPowerful collaboration tools

Kahootz has all the tools you need for professional services collaboration —calendars, databases, task lists, file sharing, document collaboration, forums, questionnaires, photo folders and more. And because you only choose the functions you need, Kahootz makes sure you always collaborate your way.

TickKahootz Knowledgebase

The Kahootz Knowledgebase allows consultants to answer their own questions; how-to guides and descriptions of functionality and best practice promotes a do-it-yourself attitude.

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