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Professional Membership Associations


Communicating and collaborating with large membership groups

One of the biggest challenges facing membership organisations is getting members involved in their work in the most meaningful and productive ways.

While it’s relatively easy to keep members informed about activities, finding ways of including them in your Association’s wider work and benefiting from their expertise is much more difficult.

Kahootz solves this problem. You can invite every member to join your Association’s  workspace — you just need their email addresses — and you can then encourage them to join a wide variety of special interest groups.

So if you need to create collaborative workspaces for committees, working groups, policy consultations, projects or more, all you have to do is invite members or call for volunteers.

Once you’ve created a Kahootz workspace, you can collaborate in exactly the way you need. You can provide tools such as calendars, task lists, forums, quick polls, questionnaires and more to gather views and share feedback.

And because you can choose the tools you make available to your members, it’s easy to create the right context for collaboration. These are just some of the ways you can put Kahootz to work for your Association:

  • Building relationships with members
  • Supporting and energising committees and working groups
  • Broadcasting educational and professional best practice
  • Shaping policy
  • Creating special interest groups
  • Supporting certification, qualification and compliance processes
  • Liaising with external stakeholders… and much more!

If you’d like to offer your members a significant extra benefit, improve your communications with them and make better use of their experience and expertise, get them in Kahootz today!

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Empower your members

TickA major membership benefit

Associations belong to their members, and Kahootz is a powerful way of bringing them together to share interests, work on projects and promote the work of the association itself. It costs little, and innovative use can quickly see it pay for itself.

TickEngage your members

Giving every member the tools to collaborate is empowering — and helps you benefit from a wider range of talent. Getting members in Kahootz complements your communications strategy perfectly.

TickCollaborate across borders

Whether your members are spread across the UK, Europe or worldwide, you can bring them together into a Kahootz workspace from any corner of the world — they just need a web browser and an internet connection.

TickTools for all purposes

Calendars, task lists, file sharing, document collaboration, forums, questionnaires, photo folders, databases — Kahootz has rich collaborative functionality. You can also create the right context for collaboration by choosing the tools members can use.

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