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Collaborate with creatives and manage client projects

Kahootz comes into its own in almost every area of marketing agency collaboration. It’s a great way to work with partner agencies and creatives, and it’s invaluable for managing and measuring client projects.

Quick and easy to set up, you can create a workspace for project collaboration in minutes. Simply add the relevant members of your in-house team and then invite any designers, writers, musicians, artists, illustrators or other creatives you’re working with — whether they’re freelancers or from other agencies.

Once they are there, you can track project milestones, comment on draft images, designs and copy and upload new drafts — a full version history ensures there’s never any confusion over which file a team is working on.

Kahootz isn’t just a creative seed bed, it’s also a powerful tool for managing client projects. Once your clients are in Kahootz with you, you can use calendars and task lists to plan and monitor progress, as well as gathering all client feedback in one secure workspace.

The result is ideas-rich collaboration that gets the best from your creative team, helps you meet deadlines and both reassures and delights your clients.

So if your agency isn’t in Kahootz, it’s time to work differently. Here’s how you can do it.

Kahootz TipCreate separate workspaces for internal collaboration and for sharing information with clients. Use the first to be productive, the second to improve client communications.

Creative collaboration for agencies

TickBring creatives together

Because you can bring creatives together from anywhere in the world, you can draw on a wider pool of talent — cost effectively. You get better creative results and your clients get marketing that delivers more.

TickCommunicate with clients

Kahootz allows you to keep clients informed of their project’s progress, and for them to track project milestones and deliverables. You can share draft creative work and gather feedback in an easy-to-use, secure workspace.

TickManage multiple projects

If your agency needs to project manage multiple clients, Kahootz makes sure you’ll never drop a stitch. Bring all relevant departments together — from marketing, to finance and accounts — to ensure all work is delivered and paid for on time.

TickSupport flexible working

Because Kahootz allows anyone to collaborate from their web browser, you can work with colleagues wherever they’re based — allowing you to offer flexible working and cut office overheads.

How to turbocharge your marketing agency's performance

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