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Secure software for sensitive collaboration

Kahootz is collaboration software that meets and exceeds security requirements of multiple Government organisations already in Kahootz — making it ideal for sharing sensitive legal data.

The software’s secure workspace makes it ideal for sharing legal documents and related information with partners and colleagues, allowing them to add comments and amendments in a secure environment.

Then, when you need to share documents such as briefs or contracts with third parties, you can invite them to join a purpose-made workspace, giving them only the permissions they need to collaborate in the way you need them to. This is especially valuable when sharing large files that tend to get blocked by corporate firewalls.

You can also use the powerful suite of Kahootz tools — from calendars and task lists to forums and questionnaires — in other areas of your law firm, including marketing, finance and HR.

So if you are looking for better, cost-effective ways to share information and collaborate with colleagues and clients, consider Kahootz as your software for collaboration in the legal sector. These are just some of the things it can do for you.

Kahootz TipKahootz allows you to restrict access to only the people you need to access or review documents. Security ensures the most sensitive briefs are safeguarded at all times.

Safe, simple, secure collaboration for law firms

TickCollaborate on legal documents

Kahootz allows you to share and collaborate on documents with your colleagues or other legal professionals — they simply need a web browser. Secure workspaces maintain confidentiality and keep your documents away from prying eyes.

TickSecure third party sharing

You can share and collaborate with third parties in Kahootz’s secure environment — strictly controlling permissions to ensure they have access to the files and tools you choose for them. Secure audit trails and document versioning give you intelligence on who has accessed which file — and when.

TickMulti purpose collaboration

You can use workspaces to create cross-functional teams, review and edit contracts, conduct secure communications and more — Kahootz soon becomes indispensable.

TickA choice of collaboration tools

Calendars, task lists, file sharing, document collaboration, forums, questionnaires, photo folders, databases etc — Kahootz has rich functionality which you can use in any combination you choose.

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