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Higher Education & Research


Online collaboration that’s tailor made for academia

Online collaboration is essential for modern higher education organisations and researchers to make the most of available resources, work with people beyond campus and draw on a worldwide pool of expertise.

From scientific projects requiring input from academics in different universities to managing an arts course for undergraduates, Kahootz gives you the power and scope to collaborate with any individuals or groups you choose.

With tools like calendars and task lists, it’s easy to keep on track. Questionnaires and polls allow you to gather data. Collaborative ‘structured’ documents let you work together with others to co-author research papers. And databases are perfect for gathering results – before you use automatic reports to analyse them.

Cost efficient, quick to deploy and accessible via any web browser, Kahootz is dynamic, flexible and perfect for gathering data and managing research and teaching.

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Research and collaboration tools — from any web browser

TickCollaborate across and beyond campus

Kahootz allows you to bring researchers and academics together in the same workspace, regardless of where they are based. This gives you access to expertise worldwide and brings down costs of working together.

TickAn adaptable online research tool

If you need to poll people or gather information via questionnaires, Kahootz gives you a way of collating research data quickly and easily. Just invite people into Kahootz to give their responses — you can export the data to use as you wish and run automatic reports to analyse your results.

TickSimplify course admin

Teaching multiple courses can become an administrative nightmare, but Kahootz simplifies it in an instant. Get your students into Kahootz and share the same deadlines, reading lists, research information and more — helping to make every tutor group and seminar run smoothly.

TickTools for all contexts

Whether you need to collaborate on ground-breaking research or keep a teaching group running smoothly, Kahootz has all the tools you need—calendars, databases, task lists, file sharing, document collaboration, forums, questionnaires, photo folders and more. Choose only the functions you need for your purpose — and collaborate your way.

TickFree G-Cloud Starter App

Are you looking for a quick way to securely share files and work with a small number of colleagues? Then check out our Free G-Cloud Starter App – ideal for small projects or document review teams!

Choosing the right online collaboration tool

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