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Health Trusts and Commissioning Groups


Collaboration and commissioning made simple and transparent

If you belong to a health trust or commissioning group, you’ll know how security and transparency are essential to your work.

These problems have sometimes been seen as a barrier to online collaboration — either internally, with external stakeholders or as part of the commissioning and tender process.

Kahootz breaks down these barriers and puts powerful tools into your hands — helping you to consult, commission and collaborate safely and securely. It’s ideal for health trusts and clinical commissioning groups who have to collaborate with individuals such as GPs, whose time for face-to-face meetings is extremely limited.

Using secure and robust technology, Kahootz workspaces keep all sensitive information safe from prying eyes. Its security meets and exceeds the standards of multiple Government organisations that are already in Kahootz — which is why Kahootz is available to public sector organisations via the G-Cloud CloudStore.

It’s also highly cost effective. If you use a Kahootz workspace to collaborate with external stakeholders, they can all access and comment on the same information in the same space. That gives you full transparency and cuts down on admin costs.

Kahootz has many potential applications across health trusts and commissioning groups. These are just some of them.

Kahootz TipKahootz’s security meets or exceeds the standards of the multiple Government organisations that are already in Kahootz, and so can ensure your data is safe at all times too.

Collaboration for health trusts and commissioning groups

TickConsultation made easy

Consultation is simple when you’re in Kahootz. Simply invite the relevant people via email, assign them to a workspace and you have all the tools you need to consult and manage consultations — from questionnaires to quick polls and discussion forums.

TickTransparent commissioning

Commissioning and procurement is transparent, cost-effective and cuts admin time. All invited parties have access to the same information, can see all comments and can ask questions within the secure workspace.

TickCollaboration your way

Whether you need to bring lots of GPs together, or you want to create special interest groups to examine topics such as trauma services, then you can bring the right people together from the same or different health trusts or commissioning bodies.

TickSecure document sharing

All documents you share in the workspace are secure, and can only be accessed by approved individuals. You can also co-author a large document with others, using a Kahootz structured document.

TickFree G-Cloud Starter App

Are you looking for a quick way to securely share files and work with a small number of colleagues? Then check out our Free G-Cloud Starter App – ideal for small projects or document review teams!

Choosing the right online collaboration tool

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