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Government and the G-Cloud


Online collaboration & the G-Cloud

In the current political climate, the pressure is on for national and local Government — and all public sector organisations — to share information and work more closely together.

At the same time, budgets are being cut and frozen, meaning the public sector needs to find highly-cost effective ways to collaborate and achieve its aims.

Kahootz is the perfect collaboration tool for the sector. It has been used extensively by local and national Government, the health sector and the police, allowing them to collaborate in a secure, yet highly accessible, environment with colleagues in the same organisation, other public bodies and external stakeholders.

With secure technology at its heart, it has passed the penetration tests of a multiple Government organisations. Available via the G-Cloud 9 framework, (Cloud hosting, software and support,) Kahootz allows you to create secure collaborative workspaces for any chosen individuals with access to a browser and an internet connection.

The result is a cost-effective, fast-to-deploy online collaboration system that’s built to public sector standards and has the flexibility to make co-operation possible across organisations.

Flexible collaboration, available from the G-Cloud

TickInstant collaboration

Kahootz requires no IT infrastructure or internal technical support — just sign up and you’re ready to collaborate securely within and beyond your organisation.

TickNo contract lock-ins

Use Kahootz as and when you need it for as little as 60p per person per week. Proven technology and no lock-in periods mean you can pay as you go and keep costs low.

TickPortable data

With Kahootz, your data remains your own — you control who you share it with . If you use Kahootz to collaborate on a project, you can export all your information whenever you need to or ask us about our custom data archive services.

TickTry before you buy

Find out what the fuss is about! Give Kahootz a fully-functional free trial, and when you see its potential for public sector collaboration simply ask us to upgrade your subscription.

TickFree G-Cloud Starter App

Are you looking for a quick way to securely share files and work with a small number of colleagues? Then check out our Free G-Cloud Starter App – ideal for small projects or document review teams!

Check out our G-Cloud FAQs and our G-Cloud blog articles.

Free Cloud Collaboration Software Trial

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