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Enterprise Collaboration


Reach for productivity, innovation and cost saving

If you belong to a major enterprise, you will know the unique challenges you face when you need to collaborate within or beyond your organisation.

Because enterprises like yours tend to be so large — based in many locations and even countries — it can be hard to get members of the same team together, let alone colleagues in different departments.

It can also be expensive. Bringing people together to work can cost a small fortune in time and travel expenses — and that doesn’t even solve the problem of collaborating in between meetings.

Kahootz changes all this. Not only does it allow teams to come together, but it also makes it easy for you to forge connections between different departments and engage with external stakeholders. In short, it helps you make the best use of your people.

Fast to deploy, secure and independent of your IT department or servers, Kahootz adapts to the way you work. So you can use it for almost any enterprise collaboration, from negotiating deals with third parties to bringing innovators together from different departments.

We give you the tools for collaboration — you bring the imagination and enterprise. These are just some of the ways you can put Kahootz to work.

Kahootz TipKahootz’s flexible workspaces and template library allow you to create collaborative environments for many different enterprise purposes — in just a few clicks.

Collaboration that helps enterprise succeed

TickQuick deployment

You can bring staff and stakeholders into Kahootz in a matter of moments — just enter their email address and they’ll be invited instantly.

TickFlexible use

You can create workspaces for any purpose, and build teams within each workspace. That means you can get people together, assign them different permissions and give them only the tools and information they need.

TickInnovate and empower

Once your people get into Kahootz, they start using it in innovative and unexpected ways — with great results for your business. Discovering new reasons to collaborate empowers staff and creates new ways of thinking and working.

TickProductivity on the move

Work between meetings progresses quickly because members can collaborate on documents and tasks wherever they have an internet connection — the cloud makes your files accessible anywhere.

TickQuickly identify talent

Once your workforce is in Kahootz, you can use online profiles to identify colleagues with the skills and knowledge to contribute to any given project.

TickCost effective

Kahootz is highly cost effective, meaning you can create workspaces as and when you need to collaborate — and close them when you’ve achieved your purpose.


If you need improved services levels or deeper system integration then you can upgrade your Kahootz license to our Enterprise Edition at any time.

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