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Co-working, fundraising, time banking — how will you get in Kahootz?

Collaboration is the lifeblood of the third sector. It’s how charities and voluntary groups raise funds, mobilise volunteers, shape policy, market themselves and more

And because cash has never been tighter, cost-effective online collaboration is the logical way to do all of these things better on a budget.

Because Kahootz’s secure, collaborative workspaces can be accessed from anywhere you have a browser and an internet connection, you can use it to bring together staff, stakeholders and volunteers in special purpose groups.

Need to raise funds? Create a group where your fundraisers can share leads and expertise.

Need to manage a volunteering project? Kahootz can help you match people’s skills to the work you need doing.

No matter how large or small your charity, there’s a role for Kahootz to make your working practices cheaper, faster and bear more fruit. And that ultimately gives you more resources to fulfill your charitable objectives.

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Collaboration that brings vitality to the Third Sector

TickGet the best from volunteers

From small volunteer projects to full-scale time banking, Kahootz allows you to bring people together, match their skills to the work that needs doing, and chart their progress. When your volunteers are in Kahootz you don’t waste precious talent and you frequently spark innovation.

TickManage projects closely

Many funders demand careful project management, complete with progress reports and evidence of achievement. Kahootz helps you manage your projects against your funders’ objectives — and also to involve them at the heart of the process, giving them confidence in your organisation.

TickShare fundraising expertise

Bring your fundraising expertise together in one place. Store copies of successful bids, upload new guidance, share news of funding opportunities and criteria. If you have fundraisers and volunteers with money-raising expertise, get them in Kahootz as soon as you can!

TickTailor made for charities

Kahootz has all the tools you need, whichever way you use it to share information and collaborate — choose from calendars, databases, task lists, file sharing, document collaboration, forums, questionnaires, photo folders and more. Use the functions required to give your group the right context — and concentrate on your charitable objectives instead of the software.

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