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If it’s cloud collaboration it’s in Kahootz!

Whatever your industry, collaboration becomes safe, secure and simple when you’re in Kahootz.

Versatile and cost-effective, Kahootz can help you collaborate online when you need to be creative, confidential or consultative — or you simply need to work with remote teams and individuals.

Because you can configure Kahootz to work your way, with the exact tools, access and security for your purpose, it’s perfect for business collaboration in almost any sector.

These are just some of the industries that reach for Kahootz when they need to work smart — and read on to learn how they use online collaboration to give them the advantage. And if your industry isn’t listed, call us — we can talk you through the ways Kahootz brings benefits to your business.

Collaboration in our industry made easy

TickEnterprise Collaboration »

Kahootz makes it easy for your enterprise to forge connections between different departments and engage with external stakeholders — it helps you make the best use of your people. Learn more »

TickGovernment & G-Cloud »

Kahootz is a tried and tested tool for the public sector. Available via the G-Cloud, it has been used extensively by local and national government, the health sector and the police — allowing them to collaborate securely. Learn more »

TickHealth Trusts & Commissioning Groups »

Kahootz is ideal for health trusts and clinical commissioning groups who have to collaborate with individuals such as GPs, whose time for face-to-face meetings is extremely limited. Learn more »

TickProfessional Membership Associations »

Whether you need to create collaborative workspaces for committees, working groups, policy consultations, projects or more, Kahootz can bring efficiency and savings to your professional membership association. Learn more »

TickMarketing Agencies »

Kahootz comes into its own in almost every area of marketing agency collaboration. It’s a great way to work with partner agencies and creatives, and it’s invaluable for managing and measuring client projects. Learn more »

TickLaw Firms »

Kahootz is collaboration software that meets and exceeds security requirements for Government use — making it ideal for sharing sensitive legal data within your law firm and with third parties. Learn more »

TickAccountancy »

Online collaboration software is the missing link in most accountancy firms’ IT provision. It’s designed to deliver something that’s missing from most accountancy software — great customer care. Learn more »

TickProfessional Services »

Kahootz brings your consultants together in collaborative, secure workspaces where you can create teams across disciplines and bring a huge variety of expertise together for almost any purpose. Learn more »

TickHigher Education & Research »

Kahootz allows your higher education organisation and researchers to make the most of available resources, work with people beyond campus and draw on a worldwide pool of expertise. Learn more »

TickCharities »

Online collaboration is the lifeblood of the modern-day third sector. It’s how charities and voluntary groups raise funds, mobilise volunteers, shape policy, market themselves and more. Learn more »

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