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Workspace Templates


Create the right context for collaboration — instantly

Kahootz makes it easy for you to create logically structured workspaces that give your users the exact tools they need to collaborate — in the way you want them to.

Better still, creating the right context for collaboration is even simpler with special Kahootz templates.

You can ask us to create custom workspace templates that provide you with the tools, functions and context needed for many common business applications and sectors — from secure deal rooms to client extranets and partner portals.

You can then reuse these templates again and again, making it easy to replicate workspaces that you find particularly useful.

That means the software never gets in the way. Collaboration is aided by it — and never takes place in spite of it, unlike many other file sharing solutions.

Kahootz TipUnsure of what would make a good template? Contact us. We’ll discuss the ways you want to collaborate and create the exact, reusable template you need.

Robust, secure collaboration and file sharing

TickInstant workspaces with purpose

Ask us to create a template and you have all the common tools and functions available for your chosen purpose — giving your users the right context for collaboration.

TickA growing template library

Contribute ideas to our growing template library — and share and choose off-the-shelf templates.

Take a look at the Kahootz Knowledgebase for some ready made templates.

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