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Security & Reliability


Safe collaboration, secure to Government standards

With a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encrypting and protecting your data at every stage of its journey between your members’ browsers and our servers, your information is in the safest of hands.

When you’re in Kahootz, you’re using a secure collaboration system that has been independently penetration-tested to the satisfaction of UK Government departments, local authorities and major enterprises. It’s secure file sharing for the age of the cloud.

Kahootz’s authenticated security is built on nearly a decade of experience – the core software has been put through its paces by clients in the UK and US. With dedicated servers kept in a secure data centre, our service level agreement guarantees you 99.95% up-time.

And because you have full control over who can see, upload, modify and delete your data — and are provided with a full audit trail of workspace activity — you’re only ever in Kahootz with the people you want to be.

It’s secure collaboration as it should be — robust and worry free.

Kahootz TipAs a site owner, you can tailor the permissions of every workspace and member to give you maximum security — ensuring only the right people can see and interact with the content you want them to.

Robust, secure collaboration and file sharing

TickSecurity tested to international standards

Kahootz’s security has been independently tested by UK Government Departments — and has ISO 27001 security certification. Our servers are kept in some of the UK’s most secure data centres.

TickReal-world reliability

Clients have been putting Kahootz’s software to work for almost a decade, experiencing exceptional levels of reliability and flawless security. See our testimonials.

TickRobust encryption

256-bit Secure Socket Layer / HTTPS technology is used throughout and protects your data in transit, and also authenticates our servers to your users — guaranteeing your data is in safe hands.

TickControlled access and content

You have full control over who can access your secure collaboration workspaces, and can specify precise access permissions for each team member — who can then assign item permissions on their own content. A full audit log details all workspace interactions.

See the Kahootz Knowledgebase for more information on how secure Kahootz is.

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